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Review: Harrison 32cs Channel Strip

Also check out: For more similarly iconic and flawless emulated synth plugins, see the Roland Cloud collection although it is subscription only , and the Arturia V Collection which also includes some of the same synths modelled here. Softube recently upgraded their first Volume 1 bundle to Volume 2, bolstering the 16 already highly-regarded plugins that made up the original collection with three new additions: The things you can always expect and rely on though, are that every plugin is incredibly well designed and engineered, is fun to use and sounds beautiful.

The TSAR-1 Reverb , which featured in our 10 Best Reverb Plugins list; FET Compressor ; two different saturation effects in Tape and Saturation Knob ; the Fix series of Phaser, Flanger and Doubler ; Modular , a plugin version of a Eurorack modular synth, including modules designed by Doepfer and which can be augmented with additional modules in much the same way as a hardware modular synth.

Alongside the latest D16 plugin, the multi-tap sequenced delay Tekturon , you get the analog BBD stereo flanger Antresol , double path analog chorus Syntorus , vintage tube distortion unit Redopter , and our favourite, the Fazortan phaser.


Also included are second-generation updates of the excellent reverb Toraverb 2 , bit-crusher Decimort 2 , and multiband distortion unit Devastor 2. There is an unmistakable grit and ruggedness to these plugins that makes them ideal for modern electronic music, and the vintage unit-inspired interfaces with their skeuomorphic knob controls encourage you to make swift, bold adjustments that lead to dramatic and awesome-sounding effects.

Our entry points to the Sugar Bytes range were the WOW 2 filter and multi-effect sequencer Effectrix , which quickly became something of a secret weapon for efficient but very flexible sound mangling. But beyond these, Sugar Bytes have grown to create a specific niche for themselves in the busy FX plugin market, always wrapping their wackier ideas in instruments and interfaces that are ultimately designed to inspire listenable results that can be worked into your tracks, whether as final ear candy FX or to generate a glitched riff that could itself form the hook of a whole new track.

Our favourites now are the plugins like generative synthesis engine Obscurium , arpeggiator Consequence and step sequencer Thesys , which can also give other synths in your collection a whole new lease of life. Multi-effect, Tetris block-style sequencer Effectrix is a must-have sound mangler; quirky FM synth Aparillo ; Factory , a poly synth with a really fun modulation matrix. The Virtual Mix Rack is modelled on a series rack into which you can drag-and-drop a variety of analog processor modules, creating your own custom channel strips all within a single plugin instance.

Overall, VMR incorporates some of the most accurate emulations available, and all within a smooth and highly user-friendly plugin interface. With favourites like VolumeShaper and FilterShaper embraced by top EDM producers, and recent new release HalfTime already making similar waves, you should definitely check out the Cableguys range if you want to introduce movement and dynamics into your electronic productions in the most fun and efficient ways possible.

The BIAS range offer the greatest degree of control over your tone of any guitar plugins. Genuinely a complete production solution for the pickiest tone-seekers. BIAS Pedal Tone Match technology analyzes and compares your currently selected pedal and the sound of a target tube pedal.

The H provides a whole host of effects, from the companies ground-breaking pitch-shifting algorithms, to reverbs, delays, phasers and other modulation effects. The magic is really in how these individual effects can be combined together within the H, allowing you to build up incredibly intricate and complex patches all within a single rack unit — or in this case, a single plugin instance. The bundle also includes Blackhole and MangledVerb , two distinctive reverb-based effect plugins that are each based on patches originally found in Eventide multi-effects hardware and which became user favourites, particularly amongst guitarists.

Fission allows you to separate and independently process the transients and tonal parts of a sound for some really original effects that would usually require far more intricate routings to accomplish. As ever, flexibility seems to be the DMG watchword.

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Compassion, an excellent compressor plugin with a great, clear interface that makes it relatively easy to get to grips with the massive flexibility provided; EQuilibrium, probably the most configurable professional EQ plugin around, and certainly one of the best overall. Open any of them up in your DAW, though, and you immediately understand why. As well as the synths, the effects processors shine too: Add Satin , a CPU-efficient tape simulation plugin, capable of flanging and tape delay effects as well as saturation; and Presswerk for all-round compression duties.

Finally, REPRO , delivering new heights of authenticity, detail and character in a software instrument. As well as all the great bundles in our list put together by the individual developers themselves, we should also mention the fact that you can get great deals on bundles of plugin instruments and effects put together by stockists, such as our favourites Plugin Boutique. These are not just token bundles: Which plugin bundles have you found best suit your recording requirements and preferred workflow?

Let us know below in the comments!

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An Essential Buyers Guide For Sign up to our newsletter! Before taking my first try with the CCSPro, I purposely did not educate myself on or research the functionality of this plug. I spent a half-hour auditioning various settings on just a kick drum. Reassuringly, every new option amongst the input stages, the compressor and EQ models each sounded obviously different than the next. A, B and the rest are also, as it turns out, useful sounding. I messed around with my own settings and got to a place I was happy with.

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  • Sometimes the preset gets you pretty close and, most importantly, lets the user in on the line of thinking behind ways to most effectively use the options at hand. Wrong; I was pleasantly surprised to the contrary. I played with the mix of the input transformer and found that percent was just the right amount.

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    I love that you can take it to percent, which is like nine more than Or, you can start at 0 percent and blend in just the amount of input stage effect desired. In mastering, I found that a little goes a long way. I used a couple of different input stage models, bus compression, and a touch of EQ on several of the songs; the tube stages proved their weight in virtual gold for several of the mixes by giving me tonal and dynamic enhancement I could have never replicated with all my EQs, compressors, and harmonics generators.

    For whatever they may lack in digitally cloning analog sounds, they make up in their powerful flexibility and economics. There was never a Neve with total recall and automation on every knob and switch.

    URS PlugIn Bundle Complete VST RTAS V10 REPACKAiR

    Is it wise to fall so hard so fast? Could mastering reveal its flaws? On several songs in my mastering session, the CCSPro did what no other plug-in, or combination of plug-ins, can do.

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    • In this world, when you find a tool that keeps on bringing solutions, you get attached to that tool. A console is a console and an emulation of one inside your DAW is emulation. The Classic Console Strip Pro is in a totally different league, written for experienced artists who know what the real thing, created to educate up-and-coming audiophiles about the lineage of digital recreations, and all the while it delivers delicious sonic results. The Classic Console Strip Pro steps up as a product that is wonderful sounding and incredibly versatile with room to grow, designed right in.

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