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  2. Is it a clever shopping trick, an insidious form of cheating, or neither?
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If at any time you have the Mac version running, it will take over the auction from your iPhone, and your iPhone will not bid, unless two things happen, your Mac version is off, and you happen to have the iPhone version running at the time of the auction.

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You can make the set up process as simple or as complex as you feel comfortable with. Simple, as in one step: Just set your machine to "Never" sleep, then you do not need these instructions below. And now for a more complex setup: You can set up your machine in two different ways, but at least one of these ways must be used.

But first a couple of items: If you use eBay's optional 'two-factor authentication', you will defeat the sniper app's ability to log in along with any other automated process, the sniper app will have no way to send your bid to eBay when it is time to snipe, so if you have this turned on, you will lose your snipe bids. The second item is that you must allow the app to have access to 'keychain' when your system asks.

Auction Sniper for eBay with sniping watchList- Mac app

This is where your eBay password is securely stored, so that nothing has access to it. Without this access your sniper app will fail to place eBay bids when eBay asks for a password, which they do at various times.

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Then read up on the instructions by clicking on the "read instructions" button in the same area, see below for the same link to those instructions. Read ALL of it, not setting up your Mac properly will mean lost sniping bids. Then always keep your new Sniper app running, at a minimum running in the background of your machine.

Is it a clever shopping trick, an insidious form of cheating, or neither?

To do this, go into your machine's 'System Preferences' app, then the 'Energy Saver' tab and set your 'Computer sleep' to Never for both battery and plug power, if a Macbook and your 'Display sleep' to what ever you want, in some Macs this is worded differently, turn on the 'Prevent computer from sleeping Also make sure you never turn off your computer. An important thing to remember when deciding which setup to use, the display of your computer uses the most energy, leaving your computer running takes fairly small amounts of energy when the display is sleeping, and your display sleeping has no effect on the sniper app.

This ensures that the app will always be running so it can do it's work. The take away here is if your machine is off or asleep, there is no way for the app to do it's work. So you must organize around a method that makes sure that the app is available to snipe. Always, ALWAYS test your setup after you finish setting things up, no matter what setup you use, here is an easy way to test:.

Free eBay sniping, bidding & monitoring

And for a more realistic test you could do an auction that ends in the middle of the night. Then you can see if things are working correctly. To snipe in person, first go to your preferences in the bottom right of the window. Then for both apps, set up the alert times you want triggered before an auction's end. Next go to an auction with an end time. A new button in the bottom of the window will light up, click on 'Add to Calendar' and you've added that auction to your Device's Calendar with the preset alerts.

With iCloud, your new Calendar events will also sync to all your other devices and Calendars for seamless alerts automatically so your entire digital arsenal is alerted. uses cookies.

A link back to the listing is saved with your alerts, so when an alert appears, simply touch on "view" and you'll see a link to the listing for immediate action. Seeing an important eBay auction is one thing, actually winning is quite another. What exactly are these Apps? It uses myibay. Terms and Conditions of using Myibidder. Fixed an compatibility issue with Mac OS X Discover New Mac Apps.

Best eBay Sniper: The Top 10 + Our Recommendation

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Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Myibay Auction Bid Sniper 0. Place ebay bids at last second. Follow This App Developer website: See discussion. Myibay Auction Bid Sniper is a tool for placing a bid on eBay at last seconds sniping. Sniping helps to keep your interest in secret, avoid counter bids from other bidders, minimize shill bidding from sellers and more. Version 0. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet.

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