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Migration Assistant never stopped, even after letting it run overnight. Then, after disconnecting, it appeared the hard disk was completely empty. Recovering my backup files from the hard disk by a computer repair shop, it took them 2 days to recover files but in such a way that these had lost both the directory structure as well as file names. There are various points during the migration process where it may look like nothing is happening. The other thing I could suggest is to upgrade the older Mac to the Mavericks current version before making the migration. I did that with my MacBook Air.

How Not to do Migration Assistant

Great computer. Good idea, Joe! It was totally up to date on the previous OS, though. It all seemed to simple! Until I realized that it was not…. You can use these HTML tags and attributes: Caroline April 3rd, 6 Comments Technology Tips.

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Three Tips on Migrating to a New Mac - The Mac Observer

Newsletters Get more photography and travel tips and be the first to learn about Workshops! Part Four: Part Three: But my hard drive has copied documents from Sierra.

How To: Fix A Slow Mac

Migration Assistant says there is a problem because of this. Is there a way to copy the documents to the new machine running an older OS? I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard In the right hand corner of the new mac the transfer screen says connection none it is grayed out. It has been like this for a few days. Can I shut down both computers and start over without messing everything up?

Nothing else to speak of. Point being, my storage is minimal compared to many other users.

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Right now my transfer from my dying MacBook Pro, Is this normal. My original connection between the two was via WiFi. I later changed over to an ethernet cable.

Is my download normal? Could that be holding me up.

Helpful answers

I dare not change anything for it took me almost three hours to eventually and properly set up the acceptable transfer. A tech savvy individual I am not. Any non-tech verbiage would be most appreciated, for I need my new iMac to start printing invoices, etc. Thanks, Michael via my iPad. Once MA shows the device you wish to use, just proceed by selecting it.

Just bought a new MacBook air. I should have take that as a sign. After working all night, nothing had transferred. Migration Assistant is not good, and Apple seems to be a state of decline unfortunately in terms of customer service and quality. What used to be fresh and user friendly has now turned into a pain in the ss. Save your money on the useless thunderbolt cable and Migration Assistant and manually transfer your info.

Migration Assistant slow using TB-USBC cable

It is much easier and faster. I guess this is a safeguard, but I wanted all or almost all of those files in the new primary User account on the NEW Mac. But I found that when I copied those files to the new User account, I did not have the privileges that I needed. So I had to change the privileges by entering my new user password to authorize the changes.

That is VERY time consuming. I have a lot of files. The process is still NOT clear. This will probably take forever via WiFi: Now when the program was legally purchased years ago the correct serial number was entered and registered with Adobe and obviously on the existing machine too. That data and serial number are stored somewhere on the old machine, right? In the application support or somewhere else. And that applies to all apps that were purchased and registered long ago.

How many of us recorded those purchases, kept a hard copy of the receipts, perhaps changed the emails of the original purchase to a new one and forgetting which old one you purchased it under…and on and on?

Welcome to Low End Mac

Assuming that the clone is an exact copy in every way of the older machine? If you decided to boot from that backup and bypass the internal drive for one reason or another, it never asks you to reenter the serial numbers of every app again. Clone or Target mode or Time Machine.

Thanks for reading my rant which I believe everyone might ask too. And yes, it copied over photoshop without a hitch. I have tried all my apps including little nitch, bitdefender and so on. Everything works great. Looks like I cant spell. This article is about a month late for me.