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Now click the icon at the top right of the playlist - the circle containing three dots. From the ensuing dropdown, select Burn Playlist to Disc.

Wondershare DVD Creator

Similarly, if you want to burn a DVD that can be played by a commercial DVD player, you'll need to use a different piece of software. But it has since been discontinued. Read How to burn movies to disc in an iDVD-less world for more advice.

A Blu-ray Disc has advantages over a standard DVD: the picture and audio quality are better, and if you haven't got a fast internet connection, buying a disc may be faster and easier than waiting to download a very large file. An optical disc is also a good, physical backup for added peace of mind.

Instead, you'll need to buy an external model: we round up the best candidates in the next section. Many of these models are bus-powered, so you don't need a power supply; just hook them up to a Mac that has powered USB ports. But we can summarise the key findings here.

It has a bunch of other features that make it popular, including supporting the latest drives, the ability to batch create images, support for a wide range of image file formats, and lots more. It has a nice GUI interface that splits your burning options into audio, video, and data.

Best DVD Burning Software For Mac

You can burn images and build ISO images also. Unique features include the ability to erase a disc and to compress audio. The installer also comes with a bit and bit version and will install the appropriate version automatically.

Just load your disc into the drive, drag and drop the files you want and click the Burn icon to burn the disc. You can take the disk image to a disc replication facility or burn it to DVD or Blu-ray disc media at a later time using Disk Utility. Each disc format has a maximum allowable number of disc markers:. Note: If Compressor is installed on your computer, you can use the Send to Compressor option to open the project in Compressor, where you can add and name chapter markers using the Preview window.

10 Best Blu ray Burner Software and Hardware to Create DVD

For more information, see Compressor Help. Output device: To burn a disc, choose an optical drive.

  • Tiny Burner.
  • Blu-ray Creator for Mac.
  • Top 5 Best Blu-ray Burning Software for Mac.

To create a disk image. Build type: To create a disk image, choose File. To create a folder with the DVD file structure, choose Folder. Title: Enter the name of the disc in the this field.